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Many property factors in Scotland charge £17.62 per reminder letter.  Many companies issue these letters several times each month resulting in charges far in excess of their monthly management fee.  This is in addition to a commercial compound rate of interest on any balance due.  Does this sound fair?

The Office of Fair Trading has on many occasions used its powers to rule such charges as legally unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1999. Some Trading Standards Departments in the UK have been successful in persuading the court to hold such charges as unlawful.  If you have had to pay unfair charges you should ask for a refund. 

If you cannot remember how many charges have been applied over the years you can send a Data Protection Act (DPA) letter to get this information from your factor: you can go back 5 years.  You need to send a cheque for £10 (max fee under the DPA) to activate this request.  Your factor has a maximum of 40 days to comply, failing which you can complain to the Information Commissioner, who can take enforcement action.

To request a refund of unfair charges send this letterPDF version here.

If you obtain a refund, please let us know and we may post your e-mail on a Your Comments section.  We will never reveal your identity.

example demand letter from Scottish property management company

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