Recent images from GHA Ltd properties in Glasgow Govan - place cursor over image for more details.

Glasgow Housing Association Ltd flat in Govan - dampness, black mould & fungi growth to ceiling corner

Cold drinking water tank in a GHA Ltd multi in Glasgow Govan

fungi & mould growth on ceiling of GHA Ltd flat in Glasgow Govan

kitchen shelf area in GHA Govan flat showing patches of mould growth

livingroom ceiling in GHA Ltd Govan flat (Glasgow)

internal wall in GHA Ltd flat in Govan, Glasgow showing colonies of mould & spores

GHA ground floor flat in Govan - mould on carpet from severe dampness underneath the floor

Multis in Glasgow Govan - the concrete panel construction shows gaps in the mastic, allowing water penetration, which in turn can lead to serious dampness

GHA Ltd ground floor flat in Govan - mould spores settle onto moveable goods and grow on the organic material rendering items unusable

Photographs from clients of Govan Law Centre, Glasgow, Scotland.