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GLC news archive 2005

GLC's Education Law Unit launches online guide to additional support needs for education - (link to new website, 16 November 2005)


Article on the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations, by John Carruthers, Advocate (31 October 2005) - PDF.



GLC calls for Tory leader to vouch for parliamentary expenses (real audio) - BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland, 14 October 2005


Launch of GLC's Parliamentary Unit - not-for-profit resource to promote & draft law reform for UK charities, vol orgs and trade unions.



GLC to draft Gypsy Traveller Law Reform (Scotland) Bill -


Live in Scotland, being sued in England?  Advice from GLC

Advice for all but what about justice GLC article for the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (August 2005).  PDF


Listen to BBC Five Live debate (in real audio) on bank charges with Govan Law Centre's Mike Dailly - 5 August 2005 (mp3) .

Listen in real audio



OFT says charges must reflect real loss or they will be 'unfair' - 26 July 2005

GLC advice: how to challenge a bank arrestment of tax credits or social security benefits


Gordon Jackson QC, MSP (Glasgow Govan)

Gordon Jackson QC, MSP tables motion congratulating GLC on its 10th anniversary


ScoLAG editorial - bank charges & creative lawyering - April 2005 (pdf)


 Article by Govan Law Centre's Iain Nisbet on exclusions from school: 'The Final Deprivation' , The Times Educational Supplement (Scotland) - 11 March 2005.



GLC news release - launch of website on unfair UK bank charges - 9 March 2005.

GHA's first CEO, Bob Alan

Scottish Monitoring Group on Housing & Homelessness conference - (pdfs) Govan, Saturday 26 February 2005.


'Cheap shot' - Michael Lennon, Chief of the Glasgow Housing Association Ltd

GHA head condemned following 'cheap shot' accusation- story from The Herald on 4 February 2005.


Multis in Glasgow Govan - the concrete panel construction shows gaps in the mastic, allowing water penetration, which in turn can lead to serious dampness

City housing bosses slammed over damp tower blocks - story from the Glasgow Evening Times on 3 February 2005.



Govan Law Centre annual report 2004/2005 online.

Jean McFadden, Chair of the Scottish Charity Law Review Commission

Charity law reform (pdf):

New seminars & conferences from Govan Law Centre (Spring 2005).



Scottish low income families pay 1000% interest - Sunday Herald, 23 January 2005

GLC news archive 1999 to 2004

Scottish Parliament's main chamber

Images from the Scottish Parliament on the passing of the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Bill (18 Nov 2004)

Govan's Pearce Institute

Poverty, deprivation and development in working class communities - GLC contribution to Govan Community Council's conference, Pearce Institute, Govan, 22 November 2004.

Robbing the poor?  GLC article for the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (November 2004) on the Scottish Consumer Council's proposals to increase civil court jurisdictional limits in Scotland (link to JLSS site).

GLC's contribution to Strathclyde University's Student Career Day - 19 November 2004

Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Bill to become law (18 November 2004):

The well unfair state? GLC article for the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (October 2004) on the social security appeals system (link to JLSS site).

Stage 1 debate: the Breastfeeding etc. (Scotland) Bill moves to Stage 2 (23 September 2004)

Scottish NHS confederation: update on the Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Bill (PDF file)

BBC news - 'Clyde project' fails communities

GHA Ltd attempts to unlawfully evict Govan woman

Health Committee supports Bill's Stage 1 general principles - the Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Bill Stage 1 Report (PDF file):

House of Commons publishes the Prevention of Homelessness Bill (link to the United Kingdom Parliament site - a bill by Mr Mohammad Sarwar MP; drafting assistance by GLC).

Prevention of Homelessness: 2004 SCOLAG July (117)

GLC assists Govan Community Council in its campaign to reverse the social decline and neglect of the community of Govan:

GLC address to MPs at the House of Commons on 16 June 2004

GLC evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Health Committee on 8 June 2004

GLC evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Health Committee on 1 June 2004

GLC joint conference with LSA on mortgage repossession law - Glasgow, 27 October 2004.

Govan's ELU biennial report online - PDF file.

GLC child asthma litigation - from The Herald 4 May 2004; from the Evening Times 4 May 2004; Scottish TV 4 May 2004; The Guardian 4 May 2004.

MP fights for new laws to stop unfair evictions - from The Evening Times, 3 May 2004.

Tower block residents face uncertain future - from The Herald, 1 April 2004.

GLC publishes report on Additional Supports Needs Mediation - a GLC Education Law Unit report on setting up and delivering  mediation services in the Scottish education system (PDF file ).

Glasgow Govan's '2004 Health and wellbeing profile- PDF file from NHS Scotland.

Prevention of Homelessness Bill: first reading in the House of Commons - Hansard, 16 March 2004.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2004 - the DAS regulations have been published as a draft SSI (link to HMSO site).

The Politics Show - Glasgow housing transfer   - Govan Law Centre defending eviction story on BBC 1, Sunday 7 March 2004.

'7000 eviction cases hang on result of lawyer's argument'' - The Scotsman, Saturday 6 March 2004.

GLC assists in drafting UK bill: Prevention of Homelessness Bill - the private member's bill is being promoted in the House of Commons by Mohammad Sarwar MP on 16 March 2004.

'Evicted tenants could get cash after legal win' story from the Evening Times (Glasgow) on 9 February 2004.

GHA Ltd 'may have unlawfully evicted up to 69 tenants'  story from Housing Today on 6 February 2004.

GHA Ltd's 'legally aggressive' eviction policy - story from Housing Today on 16 January 2004.

Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) briefing: response to consultation on the Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Bill - GLC assisted in the drafting of the bill and accompanying documents, as introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 16 December 2003, available here:  Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Bill


Dealing with debt - Evening Times news special by GLC - 18 December 2003.

GLC assists in drafting pro-health bill: Breastfeeding etc., (Scotland) Bill - the bill and accompanying documents were introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 16 December 2003.

Download:  Scottish Executive's consultation on bankruptcy law reform - PDF file, open for consultation responses until 20 February 2004.

GLC presentation to CPAG's Scottish Social Security Consortium - minutes (25 September 2003).

Defending eviction: GLC paper on the 'reasonableness' defence and rent arrears.

Minister for Justice's keynote address to Law Society of Scotland/SLAB conference on 24 October 2003 - modernising legal aid, advice & information (PDF file).

GLC presentation to cross-party group on children & young people on 2 October 2003 (PDF): presentation document; minutes of meeting.

GLC annual report - 2002/2003 - now on-line.

Seminars in November & December 2003

Govan Law Centre's response to DAS consultation  - PDF file

Download: Scottish Executive's draft Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) - open for 6 week consultation.

Debt recovery against closes & middens? (2003 SCOLAG 141).

Backdoor evictions? - inappropriate use of statutory abandonment procedure (January; 2003 SCOLAG).

GLC article - The Sunday Times - 'reasons' for school exclusion: Court of Session challenge

Help the Aged & Govan Law Centre to pursue Attendance Allowance/Free Personal Care for the Elderly test case (£20m for older Scots per annum)

GLC seminar programme: Jan - April 2003 launched

GLC article - The Sunday Herald  - defending mortgage repossessions in Glasgow, Scotland.

Local authority abandons its appeal (statutory 'abandonment' eviction case)

GLC seminars: October 2002 - March 2003 online now

GLC annual report - 2001/2002  - now on-line.

GLC introduces automatic document & text translation facility in 40 languages

New forms for Minute for Recall of Decree - PDF file containing prescribed forms (Minute for Recall and Service Copy)- new procedures to prevent eviction for summary cause repossession actions commenced on or after 10 June 2002.

New small claims and summary cause rules for actions raised from 10 June 2002 applicable to actions raised on or after 10 June 2002 (seprate links to respective HMSO Acts of Sederunt).

New exemptions from sheriff court lodging dues & fees - from 1 July 2002 many litigants in receipt of certain benefits or civil legal aid no longer have to pay court lodging dues and fees.  Exemptions also extend to the Court of Session.

First mortgage rights 'suspended order' granted at Glasgow Sheriff Court

Education Committee calls for written evidence on School Meals (Scotland) Bill (by 30 April 2002) - and  'Starter Paper'

Section 2 application procedure introduced - Scottish Statutory Instrument effective from 17-01-02 for section 2 applications under the Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001.

Free and nutritious school meals - CPAG seminar - free Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland seminar, Glasgow, 1 February 2002.

Drafting flaws in the Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act? - does the new Act create unexpected problems for lenders in serving statutory notices on 'occupiers'.

Draft small claims and summary cause orders withdrawn - announced by the Deputy Justice Minister (Iain Gray MSP) before the Justice 2 committee on 20 November 2001 (see archive opposite).

Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 comes into force - from 3 December 2001 - see The Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 (Commencment and Transitional Provision) Order 2001; see also The Mortgage Rights (Scotland) Act 2001 (Prescribed Notice) Order 2001

New earning arrestment deduction tables - from 3 December 2001, earning deduction figures have been uprated broadly in line with the average earnings index (see resources for PDF version).

Article on the School Meals (Scotland) Bill (from SCOLAG Legal Journal, August 2001 SCOLAG 133

Access to civil justice - Govan Law Centre's briefing note to the Justice 2 Committee (Scottish Parliament) on implications from the draft Small Claims (Scotland) Amendment Order 2001 and Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971 (Privative Jurisdiction and Summary Cause) Order 2001.

IDRWG's response to 'Striking the balance' [PDF file] The Improving Debt Recovery Working Group consultation response to proposals for a 'compulsory sale order'.

'Striking the balance' - delegate report from the IDRWG national conference Improving Debt Recovery Working Group consultative conference on 10 September 2001, Glasgow.

Landlord abandons 'notice to quit' appeal

Govan Housing Association -v- Kane (added 19 August 2001)

dti consultation on the Consumer Credit Act 1974 - 'Tackling loansharks - and more: consultation document on modernising the Consumer Credit Act 1974'. Responses by 3 October 2001.

Hundreds of housing association eviction actions may be incompetent - Govan Housing Association -v- Kane (added 7 July 2001).

'Poinding & warrant sales, going, going, gone?' a consultative conference on the Scottish Executive's alternatives to poindings and warrant sales. The Improving Debt Recovery Working Group (IDRWG) host a FREE full day conference in Glasgow (Monday, 10 September 2001) on the Executive's alternatives to warrant sales. Bookings to Govan Law Centre.

Abolition of Housing Benefit Review Boards from 2 July 2001 - transitional regulations for HBRB cases not heard before 2 July to be transferred to the new Appeals Service -

'Debt on the Agenda' - 26 March 2001 - Improving Debt Recovery Working Group (IDRWG) & Debt on our Doorstep host a free full day conference in Glasgow, Monday 26 March 2001.

Supreme Court Victory for Hostel Resident  - 22 February 2001

Scottish Parliament - Law Centre Motion - 20 February 2001

Justice 2 committee - excerpt from debate on 20 November 2001 - leading to the withdrawal of the draft small claims and summary cause SSIs.

Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Bill - Stage 3 debate before the Scottish Parliament on 6 December 2000 (the Bill was passed, but with an amended implementation date - no later than 31 December 2002).

Abolition of Poindings and Warrant Sales Bill (17 November 1999) - Govan law centre's evidence at Stage 1 (note: although the Bill was drafted by the law centre's Mike Dailly in a personal capacity, without charge, Govan law centre presented formal evidence at Stage 1, and the law centre's management committee - along with many other individuals and organisations in Scotland, fully supported the aims of the Bill - throughout its passage in the Scottish Parliament).

Supplementary written evidence submitted by Govan Law Centre's Management Committee in November 1999: