online budgeting tools
@ govan law centre

I'm deep
in debt and 
need step by 
step budgeting 
& advice


work out my monthly income and expenditure


    use this calculator to provide a monthly income and expenditure statement, in order to assess realistic payments to creditors. 


calculate my bills on a monthly basis and provide an overall monthly budget


    this calculator allows you to input all of your bill payments, whether weekly, monthly, annual, or irregular, and work out an overall monthly budget plan.


calculate the cost of my credit card if minimum payments are made


    this calculator works out how much interest/money would be paid if you only met minimum credit card payments, and assists the budgeting process to minimise cost. 


mortgage re-financing - how much could could I save with a different mortgage?



    this calculator allows you to decide whether you could re-mortgage at a lower interest rate.