case digest

'enquiries' on receiving application



R -v- Dacorum BC ex parte Brown (1981) 21 HLR 405 (Queens Bench Division)
The applicant was ejected from accommodation following allegedly unreasonable behaviour (quarrelling and failing to do share of household tasks). The local authority made enquiries which consisted of a 10 minute interview with the applicant's father to confirm the behaviour. No investigation was made into its cause. The High Court quashed the decision of intentionally homelessness for failure to make sufficient enquiries.

R -v- Tower Hamlet LBC ex parte Bibi (1991) 23 HLR 500 (Queens Bench Division)
An applicant widow and her kids left family accommodation in Bangladesh which was overcrowded. A finding of intentional homelessness was quashed as the council had failed to make sufficient enquiries or findings on the question of overcrowding in the Bangladesh acccommodation. This issue was essential to the question of whether it would have been reasonable to continue to occupy that accommodation.