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The Data Protection Act 1998 requires data processors (for example, your bank) to respond to a data request within 40 days from your written request. 

A style Data Protection Act letter is available here (doc) or (PDF version).

Make sure you send a cheque for £10 with this letter to cover the cost of the request.   The 1998 Act sets a maximum charge which you bank can impose, being no more than £10.   If you do not send any money then the 40 day time limit will not start, because the bank is entitled to ask for the maximum fee under the 1998 Act.

If your bank fails to respond to a Data Protection Act request within the 40 day time limit you should lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner, address and contact details below.   Include a photocopy of the letter which you sent to the bank, and a photocopy of your cheque. 

The Commissioner has the power to compel your bank to provide the information which you require by serving an 'enforcement notice'.

Information Commissioner's Office in Wilmslow, England
Wycliffe House  
Water Lane  
SK9 5AF 

Website: http://www.ico.gov.uk/eventual.aspx?id=34

telephone: 01625 545 745
fax: 01625 524 510
email:[email protected] 

telephone: 01625 545 700

Wilmslow, Cheshire is approximately 12 miles south of Manchester.
Full map, directions and details of alternative transport to the Information Commissioner's Office