Denied that this court has jurisdiction.   I reside at [insert your full postal address].  This is my principal or main home and I am domiciled here for the purpose of section 41 of the Civil Jurisdiction & Judgments Act 1982 ('the 1982 Act').  I entered into a contractual agreement with the plaintiff as a consumer.   Paragraph 3(4) to schedule 8 of the 1982 Act provides as follows: "(4) Proceedings may be brought against a consumer by the other party to the contract only in the courts for the place where the consumer is domiciled or any court having jurisdiction under rule 2(i)".   Rule 2(i) concerns moveable property which has been arrested and is not applicable.   Paragraph 3(6) does not apply.   Accordingly, this action is incompetent for want of jurisdiction and should be dismissed with expenses in favour of the defendant.