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Covering the money gap - GLC article on eviction, rent arrears & housing benefit in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, December 2007 (link to htm version).


GLC's Principal Solicitor polls 13th in Scotland's legal who's who (link to The Firm, December 2007); Robbie the Pict has more clout than justice secretary MacAskill (link to The Scotsman, 3 December 2007).



'Banking the unbanked' - major conference on financial inclusion on 22 January 2008; hosted by the Scottish Poverty Information Unit, Caledonian University, Glasgow.



It's time for banks to pay back their ill-gotten gains - (link to GLC column in The Herald, 19 November 2007).


Factoring in some fairness - link to GLC story in The Herald on 12 November 2007.

First Minister, Alex Salmond MSP


First Minister's pledge on special needs children - GLC Education Law Unit's Inner House appeal case; link to The Herald, 2 November 2007.


Wilma Donnelly and her son, Mark.  Clients of Govan Law Centre's ELU.


Children with special needs denied right to choose their school - GLC Education Law Unit's Inner House appeal case; link to The Herald, 29 October 2007.



GLC launches new website to tackle unfair mortgage charges



Bullet point guide to noisy & anti-social neighbours and delapidated property - from GLC contribution to BBC 1 Homes Live show (15 October 2007).

UK credit options 2007 conference report (link to PDF)

Govan Law Centre wins the Chairman's award and Solicitor of the Year goes to GLC's Mike Dailly at the Law Awards of Scotland 2007.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the many clients, colleagues and partner organisations who supported us so generously. 

Edinburgh Sheriff Court


Five more bank charge cases to proceed at Edinburgh Sheriff Court; Small claims limit to be raised to £3,000 (The Herald, 13 September 2007)


Inverness Sheriff Court

Sheriff gives go ahead for bank charges claims - (Murchison Law Solicitors of Inverness appearing for GLC).


Link to the Houses of Parliament


Westminster changes law to allow Electoral Commission to examine spoilt ballot papers at Scottish elections:


Bank customers urged to keep pushing for penalty refunds - The Scotsman, 27 August 2007.


GLC's Mike Dailly


CAS 2007 annual conference - citizens or consumers debate? - GLC's Principal Solicitor's opening address.

William McIlvanney and FM Alex Salmond MSP address the CAS annual conference


Citizens Advice Scotland 2007 annual conference - Scotland's most pressing issues debated.  CAS press release.


Bank charges: GLC note on opposing applications by UK banks to sist Scottish claims pending the OFT's High Court case in London - links to PDF download (17 August 2007).


London based Which? threatens to sue GLC's Principal Solicitor - for defending Scotland's independent legal profession and opposing the desire of banks and multinationals to control Scotland's legal profession.



Sheriff Principal rejects bank's defence of res judicata (which sought to stop customers in Scotland pursuing subsequent £750 small claims for bank charges)


Link to Scottish Affairs Committee


House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee - GLC uncorrected transcript of evidence: Poverty in Scotland Inquiry,19 June 2007 (added 6 July 2007)


Govan Law Centre's dedicated website to help the public recover unfair bank charges


GLC assists in cross-border effort to secure major bank charges victory at Hull County Court  (4 July 2007)

Link to Scottish Affairs Committee

GLC contribution to BBC Scotland Live - 19 June 2006 on the House of Commons's Scottish Affairs Committee session in Glasgow Govan (Real Audio).


Housing benefit & rent arrears - legal article based on a talk to Glasgow sheriffs by GLC's Principal Solicitor (link to PDF; 5 June 2007).



BBC Radio 4's Moneybox on Saturday 2 June 2007 - GLC commentary on Berwick v Lloyds TSB plc and the proposed striking out of claims at Hull County Court (in Real Audio);



Democracy is the loser in debacle over 'lost' votes  (GLC comment in The Herald on 30 May 2007).


Glasgow voters consider challenge to regional list election result with help from GLC solicitors.


Fair enough? - UK credit Options conference(PDF link to download conference programme) 29-30 May 2007, Edinburgh, hosted by Citizens Advice Scotland and Debt on our Doorstep.



Anger grows at bank charge companies (link to Holyrood Magazine, April 2007).


Citizen justice  GLC article for the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland (April 2007). - a new website for homeowners from GLC


GLC launches new website on how to deal with property management problems

legal & social welfare news from Govan Law Centre, Glasgow, UK

Law centre helps 1m battle banks over unfair fees (link to the Evening Times, 5 April 2007).

Banks must stop unfair charges (link to Editorial in the Evening Times, 5 April 2007).

Firms cashing in on bank charges are held to account (joint press release from Govan Law Centre and Citizens Advice Scotland on 30 March 2007).


GLC assists with consultation paper for the proposed Property Factors (Scotland) Bill (link to Scottish Parliament's Bill Proposal page, 27 March 2007)  Download consultation as PDF.

Webwise: Dear bank manager, pay me back ... (link to The Sunday Times, 18 March 2007).



climate change

It's the end of the road for carefree consumption (link to GLC column in The Herald, 14 March 2007).


Banks' secret blitz on overdraft claims (link to Mail on Sunday, 11 March 2007).

Scots lose out on claiming bank fees (link to The Herald, Saturday 24 February 2007).


GLC's Iain Nisbet win at Scottish Legal Awards (links to Cuthberts SLA site).



Homeowners offered lifeline over GHA debt (links to Evening Times, 22 February 2007).




   | early 2007  

Link to Scottish Affairs Committee

Response to the Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry on Poverty in Scotland, from GLC (links to pdf, 22 February 2007). [text version - links to House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee]

GLC responses to Scottish Executive consultation papers (links to pdf, 15 February 2007):


Angela Knight, chief executive, BBA


British Bankers Association (BBA) justifies unfair bank charges because people 'don't like parking tickets either'.  (link to GLC letter to The Herald, 12 February 2007; print version link).

Pollokshaw's Burgh Hall, Glasgow


GHA - a legal report card (text of contribution by GLC's Mike Dailly to Scotland's national housing conference, Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, Glasgow, 10 February 2007).

Replace the GHA's Board says GLC (link to Evening Times article from 9 February 2007).


Pollokshaw's Burgh Hall, Glasgow

National housing conference, Glasgow, Pollokshaws Burgh Hall, Saturday 10 February 2007 - all welcome

Speakers include, Des McNulty MSP, Deputy Minister for the Communities; Mike Dailly, law centre solicitor; Dr Stirling Howieson, architect & engineer, Colin Deans, community activist; various tenant workshops; and a plenary session chaired by Bernard Ponsonby political editor with Scottish Television and a panel of speakers from Scottish political parties: Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, Greens, Conservatives, SSP and Solidarity.  All welcome.

Organised by the Scottish Monitoring Group on Housing & Homelessness.



Personal insolvency up by 15% in Scotland - link to the Government's Insolvency Service website; with full statistics for Scotland for 2006 and previous years; and Excel tables - 3 February 2007.



GHA Ltd - 'worst dampness case seen in 25 years' BBC Reporting Scotland Opens  as RealPlayer Video, (c) BBC Scotland, 1 February 2007 (link opens as BBC Real Video file - 1 February 2007 - GLC clients).

Editorial comment

A Treasury £1bn debt write-off enables GHA to enjoy annual rents of almost £200m - unlike Glasgow City Council which saw 55% of rents going to service historic debt.  

GHA also enjoys around £500m in Scottish Executive grant subsidy; and can borrow close to £1bn.   No other UK social landlord has had so much public subsidy and so much financial resources at its disposal.

The question Govan Law Centre asks is this.  How can GHA let unhabitable and dangerous properties to families like the Matts in Govan?  It charges families thousands of pounds in rent each year for properties which are not reasonably fit for human habitation.

Why after almost 4 years of the GHA 'housing revolution' are so many families still living in conditions no better than the slums of old?  The answer can only lie at the door of Granite House, GHA's HQ. 

GHA's Board and CEO have repeatedly failied to show leadership, failed to manage their organisation, and worst of all they have failed to care about the health and welfare of Glaswegians.

Former CEO Michael Lennon may have pondered these inhumane failures on his flight back to New Zealand; job not done, but with almost £1m in salary safely trousered.  Maybe not.

But what is clear is that the Scottish Executive has the power to replace GHA's senior management.  Unless it acts, adults and children in Glasgow will continue to suffer unnecessarily.


Govan Law Centre's dedicated website to help the public recover unfair bank charges

GLC's unfair bank charges website exceeds £0.5 million - 645 people have e-mailed us confirming that our free self-help resources have helped secure refunds of £511,392.  Our site attracts over 40,000 visitors each month and the unreported level of refunds is likely to be much higher (21 January 2007).


UK statute law database goes public - access any UK primary legislation as amended & up-to-date; a fantastic free legal resource for the public.


Bill Butler MSP


Health Board bill falls at Stage 1 (31 January 2007; For 55 votes, Against 64, Abstentions 0)

Health Committee backs Health Board Elections Bill at Stage 1 (links)



GLC makes shortlist for three categories at the Scottish Legal Awards 2007:

Aon Partner of the Year - Mike Dailly
Springfords Rising Star of the Year - Iain Nisbet
Sound & Vision Project Team of the Year - GLC Prevention of Homelessness Project