private sector slum flats in Govanhill, Glasgow


    Below are some examples of private sector flats on Govanhill's Westmoreland Street/Langside Road.  Private landlords are renting out slum two bedroom properties to immigrant migrant workers from £650 per month, often with no hot water, heating and living conditions - with cockroach and rat infestations and dampness - which present a serious hazard to public health and safety. 

    Govan Law Centre is working with Govanhill Housing Association, Govanhill Community Development Trust, Govan Money Matters and other partners, such as UNISON Scotland and Oxfam in Scotland, to bring free legal and money advice services to Govanhill to help tackle the major housing and social problems which threaten to undermine the sustainability of the proud and ethnically diverse community of Govanhill.







one - water running into the common close wall from the roof and window; resulting in mould growth, penetrating dampness, and a dangerously wet and slippery stairwell.

two - dangerous bannister in serious neglect; many railings were missing, presenting a serious safety risk to young children in particular.


three - this bannister was loose from its fixings, with the likelihood of imminent collapse, and the possibility of a resident falling to serious injury or death.

four - decomposing rubbish at bottom of stairwell, access to the rear close has been blocked off due to rat infestation.  Flats are also subject to cockroach infestation.







five - close-up of photograph (one) above; the integrity of the plaster and lath is at risk due to prolonged water penetration.

six - outside shot of tenement; the guttering and downpipes are defective and partly missing, resulting in water penetration to the external walls; this will ultimately result in internal penetrating and condensation dampness with consquent mould growth, stench, and increased population of the house dust mite with its potent allergen (Der p1, from Dermatophagoides) which can result in sensitivity to asthma and other diseases.



seven - water penetration and a lack of any maintenance has resulted in the plaster ceiling collapsing, exposing the wooden lath.

eight - external broken window; many of the flats on these streets have broken windows held together by cellotape.




nine - a rear close, leading to the garden and midden, has been blocked off by the local authority to protect public health and safety, following a serious rat infestation.