parliamentary & social policy unit    


Govan Law Centre's Parliamentary & Social Policy (PSP) Unit undertakes the drafting of legislation within the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and Scotland and can provide legal advice on a wide range of social policy issues.

We undertake drafting of private member bills, 10 minute rule bills, amendments to Scottish and UK Government legislation, so long as proposed law reform is designed to alleviate poverty, tackle social or some other form of human disadvantage or discrimination, or promote democracy and community participation in the UK political process.

Our service is provided on a not for profit, cost only, basis for charities, voluntary organisations and trade unions, subject to resources.  We may also be able to assist individual MPs and MSPs in bill projects which fall within the strategic policy objectives of the Govan Law Centre Trust. 

The PSP Unit is managed by Mike Dailly, Principal Solicitor, with support from GLC solicitors.  We have assisted with the following law reform projects:


The PSP Unit is currently assisting with the following projects:

  • Bank & Administrative Charges Bill - Mohammad Sarwar MP

  • Property Factors (Scotland) Bill - Patricia Ferguson MSP

  • UK Sustainable Home Ownership Partnership (SHOP) - Mike is legal advisor to the SHOP, a UK social policy initiative from York University's Centre for Housing Policy, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and supported by an Advisory Group in London with members from the CML, HM Treasury, DWP, UK banks, the insurance industry and others.


For further information or to discuss the possibility of engaging our PSP Unit contact Mike Dailly on (t) 0141 440 2503, e-mail  [email protected] or write to GLC, 47 Burleigh Street, Govan, Glasgow, G51 3LB.