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A reasonable repayment plan




1 - sack & replace your factor

2 - challenge the charges

4 - complain
to Trading Standards & OFT

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If you're in arrears with your factor you can get free help from a local money advice agency or CABx to work out a reasonable repayment plan.  

Remember to check whether some of the debt can be written off as unfair penalty charges.

If your factor raises an action for payment at the sheriff court do not ignore this.  You can make a time to pay application under the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987 or use the Debt Arrangement Scheme to set up a reasonable repayment plan if you have other debts. 

 You can locate a free advice agency in Scotland here.

If your factor attempts to use punitive debt enforcement against your possessions - such as an 'Exceptional Attachment Order' (the replacement for warrant sales) - see here for advice on how to oppose this

If your factor attempts to bankrupt you for a debt see here on how to oppose these proceedings.

example demand letter from Scottish property management company

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