Campaign for free, universal, nutritional school meals in Scotland


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Stage 1 debate on the School Meals (Scotland) Bill - 20 June 2002, Scottish Parliament - the Bill falls - but watch this space!

Education Committee calls for written evidence (by 30 April 2002) - (and 'Starter Paper' on Scottish Parliament's Education Committee's approach to ingathering evidence on the Bill).

School Meals (Scotland) Bill [as introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 14 November 2001]; Explanatory Notes; Financial Memorandum; and Policy Memorandum [published as accompanying documents]

Financial Memorandum (in PDF) to the School Meals (Scotland) Bill

School Meals (Scotland) Bill (in PDF) 3rd draft and explanatory note (for discussion on 18 September 2001, Working Group meeting, Room F1, Cannonball House, off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh).

School Meals (Scotland) Bill (in PDF) 2nd draft and explanatory note (for discussion on 21 August 2001, Working Group meeting, Councillors' Corridor, Glasgow City Council, City Chambers, George Square, Glasgow, G2 1DU).

CPAG in Scotland: free school meals campaign website

Article on the School Meals (Scotland) Bill (from SCOLAG Legal Journal, August 2001 SCOLAG 133).

School Meals (Scotland) Bill (in PDF) 1st draft for discussion (debated at the inaugural advisory group meeting on 21 May 2001) click link to download in PDF format (you will need Acrobat Reader - available free, below). Right click on highlighted text above, then 'save target' as PDF.

NOTE - Following the meeting of 21 May 2001, it was unanimously agreed that an Advisory Group would be formed to assist CPAG in Scotland's campaign (consisting of all interested parties, including anti-poverty groups, law centres, education, health and social work professionals, and academics). For details of future meetings please contact Danny Phillips at CPAG in Scotland.

It is understood that individual MSPs from the following political parties have agreed, in principle, to support the general principles of the proposed Bill - Scottish Socialist Party, Scottish Labour Party, Scottish National Party, Scottish Liberal Democratic Party and the Scottish Green Party.

membership of CPAG in Scotland free school meals working group

summary report of the first meeting of the CPAG in Scotland Working Group - 21 May 2001, Quakers House, Edinburgh


Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland

Universal Free School Meals

Agenda, 21 May 2001


    Brief presentations

    1. Aims of meeting - Danny Phillips (CPAG in Scotland).

    2. Universal free school meals in Scotland - Martin Barnes (Director, CPAG).

    3. Parliamentary process and Bill proposal - Mike Dailly (Solicitor, Govan Law Centre).


    1. Universal free school meals in Scotland: nutritional guidelines, take up, stigma, children's health inequalities and diet ...

    2. Provision of information for campaigners, MSPs etc.,

    3. Possible research required in Scotland.

    4. Other groups to be contacted.

    5. Membership and organisation of Advisory Group for CPAG campaign in Scotland.

    6. AOCB

    7. Date of next meeting.