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updated 9 March 2001


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SLT = Scots Law Times; SCLR = Scottish Civil Law Reports. Full reports can be found in any good reference library (such as the Mitchell Library in Glasgow) or law library.

P = Pursuer; D = Defender.  Small claims appeals are to the Sheriff Principal by way of stated case, that is, consideration of particular questions of law only.

Note: New small claims rules apply to actions raised on or after 10 June 2002.


Hart (Business Sales) Ltd -v- Rome 1993 SCLR 147 - intimation of incidental application

Guaranteed Trade Co.,-v- Melvin 1993 SCLR 578 - where part fails to appear/be represented at a hearing, after defence stated

Ross & Liddell Ltd -v- Ahmed 1992 SCLR 528 - effect of decree of absolvitor and recall of decree

Lynch & Co., -v- Bradley SCLR 1992 373 - jurisdiction and consumer contracts

Kuklinski -v- Hassell 1992 SCLR 499 - notice of defence and statement of claim

British Gas -v- Darling 1990 SLT 53 - sufficiency of statement of claim and fair notice

North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board -v- Braeside Builders Trustees 1990 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 84 - disputed issues at a full hearing

Alpine House Ltd -v- Links 1990 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 87 - recall of decree

Slessor -v- Burnett-Stuart 1990 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 62 - extent of sheriff's duty to ascertain disputed facts at a preliminary hearing

Jenners Princes Street Edinburgh Ltd -v- McPherson 1992 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 18 - undefended small claims where pursuer not minuting for decree

Kostric -v- O'Hara 1990 SCLR 129 - scope of small claims appeal


Dunn -v- Hall 1990 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 673 - whether sheriff bound to hear evidence at a hearing

Mannifield -v- Douglas Walker 1990 SCLR 369 - absence of evidence on oath

McLaughlin -v- Timber Terminal Ltd 1993 SCLR 176 - whether evidence needs to be on oath at small claims full hearing


Hamilton -v- Sullivan 1993 SCLR 969 - what constitutes 'proceeded with a defence' for s.36B, Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971

Stewart Saunders -v- Gupta 1992 SCLR - motion after hearing on unreasonable conduct

Fenton -v- Uniroyal Englebert Tyres Ltd 1995 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 21 - entitlement to expenses on the summary cause scale

Glover -v- Deighan 1992 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 88 - whether defender 'not proceeding with defence'; entitlement to expenses on the summary cause scale

Gilmour -v- Paterson 1992 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 10 - whether defender 'not proceeding with defence'; entitlement to expenses on the summary cause scale

Milne -v- Uniroyal Englebert Tyres Ltd 1995 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 23 - what amount to 'unreasonable conduct' in terms of s.36B(3)(b) of the Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971

McKeitch -v- Central Regional Council 1995 SCLR 1112 - acceptance of tender and whether 'proceeded with defence'

Catto -v- Lindsay & Kirk 1995 SCLR 541 - entitlement of sheriff to continue preliminary hearing for expenses only without noting defence

Durham -v- Gateway Foodmarket 1992 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 83 - ordinary cause action; competency of seeking expenses on the small claims scale

Sloan -v- Mylock 1992 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 23 - limitation of expenses where there are multiple parties

Penman -v- North British Steel Group 1991 SLT (Sh.Ct.) 45 - 'unreasonable conduct' in the proceedings; refusal of access to opponent's medical reports