the legal work of govan law centre is undertaken by the independent practice of dailly & co., solicitors; a legal partnership between mike dailly & iain nisbet.

                                      mike dailly

                     iain nisbet

all income generated by the legal firm is the property of glc. the management committee of glc have no involvement in actual casework - which is undertaken on a strictly confidential and independent basis by the law centre's team of solicitors. members of the law centre team include:

  • mike dailly, principal solicitor

  • iain nisbet, solicitor & partner

  • lorraine barrie, associate solicitor

  • clare burnie, associate solicitor

  • jennifer laughland, associate solicitor

  • louise melia, associate solicitor

  • lindsay paterson, solicitor

  • heather mackay, solicitor

  • alistair sharp, prevention of homelessness project co-ordinator

  • angela ward, equalities case worker

  • zuzana vacekova, interpreter & caseworker

  • sarah-jane kissock,  trainee solicitor

  • laura simpson, trainee solicitor

  • christine mckellor, trainee solicitor

  • margaret sneddon, legal clerical officer

  • anne taylor, legal clerical officer

  • mary dalziel, finance officer

  • anne-marie burns, legal clerical officer

  • rachel sharp, legal clerical officer

  • natile carlin, legal clerical officer

  • jan smith, accounts officer (part-time)




GLC's prevention of homelessness project
(project team of the year at the cuthbert scottish legal awards, 2008)



Govanhill Law Centre serving the communities of Govanhill and East Pollokshields (opens 20 November 2008).